Message from the Dean

Dear Reader,

as the Dean of the Mercator School of Management (MSM) I am very pleased to introduce you to our internet pages, which will give you an up-to-date overview of our performance within faculty. After an eventful history of the university in Duisburg, we now play an important role as a business school with special emphasis on business administration degrees.

We represent an Anglo-Saxon/North American type of business school at a state university, but adhere to the German tradition of university education. The Mercator School of Management maintains a balance between its main tasks of teaching, research and administration, while adding new quality.

Increased financial autonomy and competence make it possible to optimize the allocation of resources and our efficiency is therefore strengthened in all processes concerning teaching and research work. This also shapes the identity of the Mercator School of Management. We want to enhance our cooperation, project work and executive educational programs with corporate partners to provide a platform for theoretically demanding education and practice-oriented studies for our students.

The Mercator School of Management regularly signs new Agreements on Common Objectives and Performance with the President of the University Duisburg-Essen. Important cornerstones of these agreements can be found in a common strategy to shorten the duration of studies, enhance study conditions and strengthen international courses. A range of activities has been initiated to reach these goals. I refer you to the pages on the content and organization of bachelor and master degrees at the Mercator School of Management. With its strong international components, the Master in Management and Economics offers a particularly attractive program for future managers, as do the specialized Master Degrees (MSc in Accounting and Finance, Supply Chain Management and Logistics, or Telecommunications Management). We are convinced that the intensive academic education in our Master courses and the first level Bachelor Degree with its practical relevance for business administration will be highly demanded.

We offer our students a wide range of subjects in business administration, potential combinations of interdisciplinary courses and a high academic standard, thus giving them an ideal starting position for international careers. By forming course blocks and integrating examinations, a new structure was created that can provide the organizational conditions necessary for close-knit, success-oriented studies. In addition, we look after our students; mentors and tutors provide advice and some feedback on the performance of every student throughout all stages of studies. Of course, we also evaluate all classes and teachers, offer digital services and a wide selection of guest lectures, create a community for all members of the Mercator School of Management, and are interested in our alumni.

I hope that the presentation of our teaching activities and research work at MSM in Duisburg arouses your interest in studying at our business school or initiating academic collaboration. I am looking forward to meeting with you personally to talk about a shared future.

Peter Anker

Dean of the Mercator School of Management