Double Degrees

Internal UDE-Double Degrees

We have established double-degree agreements for the UDE bachelor's degree programs in Cultural Management, Industrial Engineering and Business Education, which enable students and graduates of these programs to obtain a second bachelor's degree in Business Administration at the MSM after an additional year of study.

Conversely, students and graduates of the MSM bachelor's degree in Business Administration have the option of obtaining a second degree in Industrial Engineering or Business Education by passing a fixed additional program. You can find detailed regulations on the design of double degrees in the information materials section.

If you have any questions or need advice, please contact Dr. von der Goltz.

International Double Degrees

The MSM maintains double degree agreements with numerous international partner universities, which allow our bachelor's and master's students to combine studies abroad with a second degree.

Further information can be found on the website of the International Office of the MSM.

School Cooperations: Vocational Education / Studying

We have established partnerships with a number of vocational schools in the region, which allow committed trainees (with full university entry qualifications) in commercial courses to earn credits for the bachelor's degree in Business Administration during their training and at the same time to benefit from the transfer of training achievements, so that a bachelor's degree within two years after the end of the training is possible.

Detailed information on partner schools, courses of study and contact options can be found in the "UNI on TOP - Studying and Vocational Training" program.