Master of Education in Business Education
(degree for vocational school teachers)

AQAS, November 24, 2009; latest re-accreditation May 23rd, 2016

Standard period of study
4 semesters/2 years


The Mercator School of Management developed the Bachelor/Master program in Business Education in order to replace the successful Diplom program Business Education. The primary idea of the study program is to provide students with further qualifications in their present or aspired professional field. The program includes a modern and fascinating range of subjects that profit from a strong focus on current research.

Students will familiarize themselves with relevant research methods and strategies in the fields of business administration, economics, business education and didactics. More specifically, they will develop competences that enable them to examine the economic cause-effect-relations in various management situations, to solve economic problems with the help of interdisciplinary approaches, and to transfer their insights to an educational environment. The Master degree in Business Education is primarily intended to prepare students for the profession of a vocational school teacher (in order to be admitted to the German teaching traineeship - Referendariat - additional 52 weeks of professional experience are obligatory).

In addition to the more theoretical lectures of the program, students will have to attend a practical semester designed to advance their teaching experience and to prepare them for a teaching profession at a vocational school.

Moreover, students will have the option to choose a more specialized field of business administration as their major subject. This elective part is essential for their future teaching activities in the so-called "minor vocational discipline". This minor subject complements the "major vocational discipline" of business administration and economics.

Our faculty offers the following business administration minor subjects:

  • Finance, Accounting, Taxation
  • Production, Logistics, Distribution

The first two semesters of the program mainly focus on the elective modules in business administration and include only minor compulsory modules in business education and economics. The third semester mostly focuses on the practical school training. The fourth semester rounds off the programm with further modules and the Master thesis (18 credits).

Structural Issues

Examinations/ECTS credits
Students have to earn 120 credits in the following fields:
- Focus business administration 40 credits
- Economics 10 credits
- Business education and didactics 27 credits
- Master thesis 18 credits
- Practical semester 25 credits

Accompanying practical trainings
Practical/vocational training at a vocational school (25 credits).

Semesters abroad are possible and welcome. The faculty's international office supports students in organizational matters.