Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Business Education

AQAS, November 24th, 2009; latest re-accreditation May 23rd, 2016

Standard period of study
6 semesters/3 years

Application and Admission

Study entry
winter semesters only

Admission requirements
General qualification for university entrance (Abitur) or specialized vocational education (more information). In addition to a sound command of the English language, applicants for Business Administration should be interested in mathematical methods and theoretical approaches to solving real world problems. Moreover, they should be partial to actively and passively working with written texts.

Local admission restrictions. Online application through the university's central admission office (European Union) or international office (non-EU citizens)
Application dead line: July 15th of the respective year


In the basic modules, students are required to study the subjects Business Administration, Economics, Statistics, Didactics, Economic Law, Business Education and Mathematics. The advanced modules in Accounting and Business Administration as well as all practical elements are also obligatory.

In the following course of their studies, students choose one out of two major business administration disciplines: Finance, Accounting, Taxation or Production, Logistics, Distribution.

A training seminar for scientific methods prepares the students for their final Bachelor thesis.

Structural Issues

Examinations/ECTS credits
In accordance with the ECTS credit system, students have to take 32 exams in the course of their studies (170 points). The final Bachelor thesis (10 points including a preparatory training) has to be completed within eight weeks. Exams taken in the course of the studies can be repeated twice after the first attempt.

Accompanying practical trainings
At least 4 weeks of practical training plus guided school training included in the curriculum.

Semesters abroad are possible and welcome. The faculty's international office supports students in organizational matters.

Occupational Objectives

The Bachelor of Science in Business Education is primarily aimed at qualifying the students for the consecutive Master of Education in Business Education, which allows them to become teachers in vocational schools (the entry to the preparatory school traineeship requires 52 weeks of professional training altogether). Students with a degree cum laude who decide against a career as a teacher and want to further qualify in the field of Business Administration can join the respective Master of Science after their Bachelor graduation.

However, the Bachelor program also qualifies directly for a position in the "normal" business world: the program comprises modules in Didactics and Business Education which support competences needed in the planning of in-company trainings and the processes of knowledge transfer and management, e.g. in human resource planning and development. Moreover, the combination of business and education contents prepares students for a profession in the management of educational institutions. In addition, depending on the chosen subject focus, graduates regularly (and successfully) apply for all kinds of commercial jobs in various industries und thus fill positions students of Business Administration usually strive for.