In order to improve the study conditions for our students, the Mercator School of Management has invested study fees into 20 academic assistant positions that have been allocated to the different chairs in relation to their quantitative teaching performance. Academic assistants serve as the main link between students and chairs. In return, the chairs agree to a sanctioned service commitment, which formulates the main aims of the program.

The chairs that participate in the program sign a commitment which guarantees for the following services:

1. Every exam will be assessed within 4 weeks.

It takes 4 weeks maximum for the exam results to be published; the chairs strive to correct every exam within 2 weeks. Every chair permits the students access to their exam. In case of 3rd attempts an early assessment will be made possible.

2. Every thesis will be assessed within 6 weeks.Every thesis will be assessed within 6 weeks after submission.

After the grade has been released by the examination office, students are given the opportunity of a feedback meeting.

3. Every student receives a seminar slot without delay.

Numbers of seminar slots will not be limited - in case of shortages the chairs offer a second seminar. Every seminar qualifies as preparation for a diploma or master thesis.

4. Students receives the opportunity to write a bachelor/master/diploma thesis at the chair of their choice.

On condition that all examination requirements are fulfilled, students receive a thesis topic within 6 weeks.

5. Every email will be answered within 24 hours.

During office hours (Monday to Friday), students will receive a response to their emails within 24 hours. If an answer via email is not possible, a conversation via telephone or in person will be arranged promptly.

6. Lecture materials will be available 1 week before the lecture starts at the latest.

Lecture materials are available on the Internet or in the copy shop at least one week before the lecture starts. The chairs do not sell materials.

7. Training units will be offered for all relevant lectures.

If didactically useful, trainings will be offered by the chairs. Moreover, the chairs supervise tutorials and adjust the student tutors' performance to their own teaching program.

8. All students will be offered a feedback talk about their written assignments

All students can ask their supervisors for a feedback talk about their seminar papers or Bachelor/Master theses in order to identify shortcomings and improve their performance in future scientific writing.

Current MSM News

 Fri, 13. Apr. 2018   v.d.Goltz

Plätze frei im Workshop "Appyling for jobs in UK"

20.04.2018, ABZ
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 Tue, 10. Apr. 2018   v.d.Goltz

Neuregelung zu vorgezogenen Masterprüfungen

Liebe Studierende, das Rektorat hat aktuell für die gesamte Universität Duisburg-Essen neue Regelungen zum Vorziehen von Masterprüfungen während des Bachelorstudiums erlassen. Für MSM-Studierende ergibt sich dadurch die Änderung,...
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 Wed, 04. Apr. 2018   v.d.Goltz

Mobilitätsfenster in allen BWL-Masterlinien

Liebe Studierende, nach den ersten positiven Erfahrungen mit dem Mobilitätsfenster in der Masterlinie Management & Economics hat die Fakultät beschlossen, in allen anderen BWL-Masterlinien der Prüfungsordnungen von 2016 die...
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 Wed, 04. Apr. 2018

Freie Plätze für die Bustour zu Unternehmen des Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreises

Am Dienstag, den 08. Mai 2018, von 9.30 Uhr bis ca. 16.00 Uhr bietet das ABZ eine Bustour zu Unternehmen des Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreises an. Die Tour 1 führt Wirtschaftswissenschaftler, Ingeniere und Informatiker zu Qass GmbH und EZM...
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 Tue, 03. Apr. 2018   v.d.Goltz

Career Day beim Investment- und Beratungshaus Droege Group

4. Mai 2018, Düsseldorf
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 Wed, 14. Feb. 2018   v.d.Goltz

IT Audit - neue Masterveranstaltung im Bereich Interne Revision

Ab dem Sommersemester 2018 wird am Lehrstuhl für Interne Revision eine neue Vorlesung "IT Audit" angeboten. Die Veranstaltung kann im Rahmen folgender Studienrichtungen belegt werden: Im Wahlbereich der Linie Accounting and...
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 Thu, 18. Jan. 2018   Lehrstuhl Steuern

Steuerseminar Sommersemester 2018

Die Themen und Termine für das Seminar am Lehrstuhl für Betriebswirtschaftliche Steuerlehre im Sommersemester 2018 stehen fest und können dem Aushang entnommen werden.
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 Thu, 11. Jan. 2018

Plätze frei im Workshop "Business Intelligence auf Basis der Qlik Visual Analytics"

Vom 15. bis zum 20. März 2018, jeweils von 9 - 16 Uhr, findet am Campus Duisburg der Workshop "Business Intelligence auf Basis der Qlik Visual Analytics" statt. Das ABZ hat erfahrene Consultants der EVACO GmbH an die Universität...
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